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If it is fishing in Texas, Fishing Texas Network will help you catch more fish.  Here you can find the links to everything from Texas lake levels to Texas fish records.  Fishing reports are posted on our discussion pages and our members cover most of Texas fishing for all types of fish.  We have some bass fishing guides that post reports as well to keep you informed on what the fish are biting on and where to catch them.  Keep up on current Texas Fishing News and find out where the latest Rainbow trout stockings will occur.  We hope you find everything you need to make your next fishing trip in Texas a successful one.

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Current Texas Fishing News:

Bud Sharelunker -- 2011 Season underway -- Here we are, 3 months into the 2011 program and the big fish have already been rolling in to the Toyota ShareLunker Program. O.H. Ivie has produced all three of the trophy bass to date and with the heart of the lunker season rapidly approaching the rest of the season could be interesting.

Rainbow Trout Stockings around the state -- Texas is not known for its rainbow trout fishing but TPWD has a program that provides every angler a chance to bring home some of these tasty little balls of muscle.  Starting in December, rainbow trout are stocked in small lakes and ponds throughout Texas to open fishing opportunities for all those in possession of a Texas freshwater fishing license.  These trout stockings are a great opportunity to take a kid fishing and share the experience.

Fishing Tips & Stories:

Fishing the Split-Shot Rig -- "Ok... give me a split shot."  Amazingly, I started getting hookups and boating fish.  I could cast with more accuracy than the weightless and I guess my bait was penetrating the reeds a lot better than before.  Now we were both catching fish at about the same rate and all was well.  I went out the next day and bought me a pack of split shots.     FULL STORY

Fishing Texas Power Plants --
I never will forget the first time I fished a power plant lake.  I didn't realize what I was really learning that late January afternoon casting from the shores of Bryan City Lake.  The brief lessons I learned there will stick with me for the rest of my life.    FULL STORY

Texas Summer Night Fishing --
Growing up, I spent the majority of my summers on the Texas coast.  We fished for trout under the lights in the bay and gigged for flounder in the passes.  This was a ritual we followed almost nightly.  Fishing under the lights was always one of those things that kept the excitement flowing.  The sounds of trout popping the surface, little shad bounding from the water in a perfect circle attempting to flee from the ravaging predators.

Spring Sand Bass Creek Run --
Every year in the spring, the sand bass move up the main creeks and rivers from the main lakes that they spend the majority of the year in.  This is the time that they are prime pickins for shore fishing.    FULL STORY

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I have heard all the excuses from those who claim that they do not like the taste of fish.  It always amazes me when I hear this and I take it as a challenge.  Over the years, I have changed the perception of many consumers with my method of cooking fish.  I have been cleaning and cooking fish since I was a youth and the years have taught me one valuable lesson.  Great tasting fish starts long before the fillets hit the oil.  The following article gives my insight on cooking fish and fish preparation prior to the actual cooking of the fish.
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