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2/04/03 The Split-Shot Rig

I did not think it would be so productive.  My buddy kept telling me to switch over to the split-shot rigged lizard for fishing thick grass.  To me, I just figured that I could catch just as many bass with my weightless Texas rigged lizard.  Until that day, the first time her really kicked my butt on the lake.  It was more than just one person catching a few more than the other -- it was a real stomping. 

We started the afternoon out throwing the same baits we always start with.  He was throwing his rig and I was throwing mine.  For some reason, he was catching fish and I was not though.  "Switch over man!" he told me.  "Nope!" I replied.  "I just need to stop giving you all the opportunities."  It was at that time he decided to make a point to me.  From that moment on, for the next hour or so he decided to cast only in the same spot I had just pulled my bait out of.  He was fishing a split shot french fry and I was fishing a fluke.  On two different casts he pulled a bass out of the same spot I had just cast to.  I told him it must just be the fry and the color.  So I switched over to the exact same fry that he was throwing -- V&M.  I opted to go weightless Texas rigged and he maintained the split shot rig.  I got bit a few more times and he continued to pull a few fish out that I did not seem to interest in my bait.  By now, he has extended his lead by at least 10 fish.  

"Ok... give me a split shot."  Amazingly, I started getting hookups and boating fish.  I could cast with more accuracy than the weightless and I guess my bait was penetrating the reeds a lot better than before.  Now we were both catching fish at about the same rate and all was well.  I went out the next day and bought me a pack of split shots.

That was 4 years ago when I converted and I have not put it down since.  I cannot count the number of fish I have landed on a split shot bait.  It doesn't matter to me if it is windy or calm.  I fish that technique every chance I get.  I landed my 11.36 pounder, 9.75 pounder, 8.5, etc... using a split shot rigged lizard.  On some of the toughest days I have fished, I have managed to always pull a few fish out with that method.  I have one rod dedicated to fishing that setup.  I even converted a few other fishing buddies to fishing that method also.  If you have never tried it, I would highly suggest it.  Just place a light split shot about 10 - 12 inches above your hook.  This is not a deep water method, but it works great out to five or six feet.  Fish your favorite plastic behind it and have a ball.

Mike -- webmaster/editor

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